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Turbulent times. Whether you now work from home or at the office, you want payments for your business to be handled smoothly nonetheless. Businesses large and small have their own tasks: going over accounts, entering, signing, and sending payments to the bank. Larger amounts often require different people to sign. So you benefit from a solution that makes everything run smoothly, quickly and securely and fits in with your internal processes.

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Better collaboration with MultiSign

With Isabel 6 you streamline the process of entering, signing and sending payments. Furthermore, you decide which information a particular employee can consult and which actions he or she can take. So you benefit from a solution that fits in with your internal processes and the roles and responsibilities of your employees.

MultiSign is an optional module in Isabel 6 that you can activate immediately and at any time from Isabel 6 for only €11,98 per month/person.

You can ask other colleagues to sign payments. You will be notified by e-mail if a signature is required.

New beneficiaries need be entered only once and then shared with colleagues.

You can forward payments automatically when they are sufficiently signed.

You can have a colleague sign a transaction with his or her card on your PC.

How to activate MultiSign

Tip: Working with envelopes

If you work with multiple users and carry out transactions very frequently, there is a chance that you will lose the overview. The handy envelope function of Isabel 6 enables you to organize and manage all your transactions flawlessly. You can give the envelopes a specific name, which makes collaboration easier. And different colours clearly indicate the status of the transactions.

More tips and tricks

Keep your eye on the sail: 

sign with 2 signatures

It is always best sign for large sums of money with two signatures. Ask for an extra user to doublecheck payments, so as to reduce the chance of errors and fraud -- just think of CEO fraud. And apply for a personal card for everyone!

Ask for an extra user

Set your own course: link Isabel 6 with your accounting software package

Get the most out of Isabel 6 by having it work together with your specific accounting package or ERP so as to work efficiently. Request CODA files (coded daily statements) from all your banks, enter them at one go in the morning and ensure that your payments are debited automatically from your accounting software package. You can go even further with Isabel Go and the fully automated Isabel Connect solution.

Link Isabel 6 with your accounting software package

SignHere: have documents signed by several persons

With Isabel 6, you can easily sign all your payments. But you often have other documents, such as contracts, that you need to sign digitally. We developed SignHere for that very purpose.

Info about SignHere

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